For a lazy morning wake up, a rich breakfast keeps you full and satisfied at the Farmhouse, EL Molino, it is like a ritual, and temptation to eat traditional cakes and delicious jams.

We use only local, fresh and seasonal ingredients for the breakfast at “km 0” that appreciates the typical products, creating and maintaining a bond with the land and choosing only the good seasonal food.

Among the desserts prepared daily by following the traditional recipes you will find the apples pie, the carrots , hazelnuts or chocolate, and fruit tarts, the shortbread and cookies. Then, you can also find bread, milk and butter from the local dairy, fruit juice , cereals, yogurt, fresh fruit salad, cheese and cold meats.

Many vegan products are always available for breakfast, but if you let us know, ahead of time, of your request, you will find even more things will be available. Before arriving please let us know of any special requests you may have, or of allergies or dietary needs gluten-free, dairy-free), so we will do our best to prepare a breakfast for you.

During the hottest months, you can enjoy having the breakfast outdoors, admiring a beautiful view of the garden and of surrounding hills.
Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 10:00 am